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Well, that's hell of a height difference.

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Gabriel/Sam : Well, that's hell of a height difference.

A Community for Gabriel AND Sam.

Welcome! gabrielsam is a community focused on fanworks and discussion about Gabriel (also known as Trickster) and Sam of Supernatural.

What is a 'Spoiler'?

Spoilers may be found in any of the following: episode titles, episode summaries, icons, screen shots, promos, information about characters, cast, crew, plot, or any other information pertaining to an episode.

All spoilers from unaired episodes must be placed behind an lj-cut with a warning marking them as spoilers. Links to off-comm interviews, video clips, or news about unaired episodes must also have a warning for spoilers. When posting to the community, you may not use icons containing graphics for unaired episodes.

For A DAY after an episode has first aired, episode titles and icons from the episode must be behind an lj-cut with a warning for spoilers. When posting to the community, you may not use icons using graphics from a recently aired episode until one day after the episode has aired.

We would also like to make clear that no one will be banned from this comm for accidentally posting a spoiler or forgetting an LJ-cut. Mistakes do happen, and we understand that. If your post is deleted, you are free to resubmit the post, provided that the updated post adheres to the spoiler policy.

The best part : RULES

+ Every post must be on-topic-- it must contain Gabriel and Sam. Not and/or, AND. For solo Gabriel, spn_gabriel and sam_support are good ways to go.

+ gabrielsam is meant to be a safe space for all Gabriel/Sam fans. All fans should feel welcome to contribute and/or lurk here, no matter what kinks they may have or what characters they may like. Bashing of any kind - character, kink, and especially fellow fans - is prohibited.

+ All types of Sam and Gabriel related SPN fics and fanwork are allowed here - gen, het, slash (to include wincest). RPS/ RPF fanwork is NOT (We invite you to check out several RPS/RPF-focused comms).

+ All fic must be placed behind a cut. Extensive lyrics, quotes, and author's notes must be placed behind a cut.

+ Art is allowed, but please place it behind a cut and mark it as WORKSAFE (WS) or NOT WORKSAFE (NSFW). You may post WS thumbnails outside a cut as a teaser for the larger image (if the image itself is NSFW, you may crop a WS part for the thumbnail).

+ Do not link to locked material. If you post a link back to your journal, the post must be public. If a mod comes across a post linking to locked material, we will ask the poster to unlock the material in question. If the material is not unlocked in a timely manner, we will delete the post. If you wish to post protected material to the community, you may lock the post to members only. Be aware that your post will not be eligible for inclusion in the spnnewsletter and visitors who are not members of the community will not be able to see your posts.

+ Posts need to have actual content. Thoughtful discussion posts are encouraged, but brief one-liners, flippant posts with minimal thought, re-posts of previously posted stories, or posts with little content pertaining to the relationship of Gabriel and Sam are not considered on-topic and will be rejected and/or deleted.

+ Permission for posting announcements for new communities, ficathons, etc. need to be cleared by a mod first.

+ If searching for a specific fic or fic recs, we would really appreciate it if you would try using the spnstoryfinders community first. (They're quite fast and very helpful!) For vid requests, please refer to the supernaturalvid community.

+ Posting here means you are giving your consent to your post being archived (here in the community), either through tags, memories, or both. We expect you to follow the posting templates for fanfic and other fanworks below.

+ Please note that all fanworks (including fanfic, fanart, fanmixes, fanvids, and all web graphics such as icons and wallpapers) are the creation of the fan who made them, and you may not claim anyone else's work as your own. Plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated. If you would like to use or archive any fanworks that you did not create, you must contact the creator directly for permission.

The juicy part : POSTING

We all want you to post! We have a ship which has endless possibilities! Header templates are your friend though ;

If you're worried that by warning you will spoil your fic (or believe that your summary will spoil an episode) please use this code as outlined by amadi here:

For fanfic/meta/anything written :

For other fanwork :

The friendly part : AFFILIATES

spn_gabriel gabriel_bigbang spn_au sprntrl20in20 team_free_love lucifer_michael spn_cues spn_favorites gabrielsam_au spneveryficmeme spn_foxhole spnwomen_kink spn_angel_kink spn_school_au spn_ladies sabrielbigbang

This community values the creative energy and time that writers pour into their fanfiction and share freely with us, other fans. Because of this, plagiarism will not be tolerated. Please go to the info page of stop_plagiarism for a definition of plagiarism. If we receive a report of plagiarism, it will be investigated and if verified, the plagiarist will be reported to stop_plagiarism and banned from this community. We also encourage all of our members to support the creative labor of their favorite authors by joining stop_plagiarism.

If you would like to affiliate with gabrielsam please comment to this post.

The helping part : MODS

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a moderator listed below.

The ending part : BE NICE

And have fun! ♥

~- Above writing is very muchly copied from deancastiel, which is the number 1 source for your all Dean/Castiel needs.
~- Layout is from here.


If you want to pimp the comm (WHICH YOU SHOULD) here is a code for you!

Well, that's a hell of a height difference.
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